IMPACT Vietnam believes in the power of collaboration. We aim to bring together members of the travel industry who may traditionally be considered competitors, to work together, share and promote sustainable travel here in Vietnam. 

We host networking events that have different themes for every event. We invite guest speakers to highlight the work they do on these specific topics and encourage group discussion around the subject. There is plenty of time to network in the traditional manner as well! 

These events are open to anyone interested but we also work on initiatives as a committee of DMCs and Travel Operators. These are industry driven and with our combined resources, we know we can make positive changes to the way the travel industry implements sustainable practices. 

We aim to work closely within our supply chains and with various stakeholders around the country, engaging and encouraging partnerships whenever possible. We know where our strengths lie and as a collaborative group, IMPACT Vietnam will reduce the negative and increase the positive impact that we as members of the travel industry have on the country that we work in, live in and promote.